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VUI Visions

VUI Visions

Expert views on Effective Voice User Interface Design

William Meisel, Editor

Written by over thirty experts, each chapter focuses on the proper approach and details to practical solutions in human-machine voice dialog->
Published in 2006
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Also available-just published (2010)- Speech in the User Interface, 41 contributors Contents

VUI Visions (2006) contents
(Author affiliations are as of the date published)

Speech Recognition in the Warehouse Environment, Mark Anikst, Cadre Technologies
Express Lanes and Problem Lines, Bruce Balentine, Enterprise Integration Group
The Power of the Pause, Bruce Balentine, EIG
Why VUI design is harder than GUI design, Ahmed Bouzid,
Yes/No Questions are Simple, Right?, Ryan Bush and Lisa Guerra, BeVocal
Imprecision Can Be Your Friend, Todd Chapin, ScanSoft
One Step Ahead: Anticipating a Caller?s Needs, Victor Chen and Lisa Stifelman, Tellme Networks
Taming the Cell Phone User Interface: See, Speak, Listen, and Click, Jordan Cohen, VoiceSignal
VUI Design for Advanced Natural Language Understanding: The Art and the, Science, Mike Cohen, Nuance Communications
Evolving VUI Design, Ted Cwiok, Convergys Speech Solutions Group
Speech Applications on Good Behavior, Amit Desai, Voxify
Pacing: A key to more effective form-filling and better information capture, Melissa Dougherty, Voice Partners llc
The power of Unified Communication and a ?less-is-more? VUI, John Geise, Avaya
Are you simply automating calls or serving your customers?, Dave Holsinger, Apptera
Give Me a Hint, Susan L. Hura, Intervoice
Does TTS = Truly Temporary Solution?, Roberta Ishihara, independent consultant
The Balancing Act: Using Touchtone and Speech, Lizanne Kaiser, Genesys
Voice Authentication?Not Just Another Speech Application, Karen Kaushansky, Tellme Networks, Inc.
Six Tips for Better Branding, Blade Kotelly, Edify
Callers' Expectations: The secret to their success, Andrew Mackie, VeCommerce
The GUI and the VUI, William Meisel, TMA Associates
The future of the Voice User Interface, William Meisel, TMA Associates
It Needs to Work, Provide Cool Features and Be Pleasant to Use. Oh, and Fast,, too!, David Ollason, Microsoft
Including the User in the Conversation, Melanie Polkosky, IBM Pervasive Computing
Automation rates: What we can improve with VUI design, and what we can't, 1, Richard Rosinski, VoiceGenie
In-Vehicle VUIs: What?s different about being in a CAR?, Thomas Schalk, ATX Group
Deploying Multiple Self-Service Applications in an Enterprise, Manish Sharma, Nortel Networks
Revolutionizing Customer Care with Natural Language Call Steering Solutions, 1, Shamitha Somashekar and Marco Petroni, Nuance Communications
Speech recognition for transcriptionists: Delivering value to the medical record, 1, Nick van Terheyden, MD, Philips Speech Recognition Systems
Speech recognition and the art and science of developing voice prompts, Tim Walsh, Walsh Media
VUI design heuristics for call routing: Insights from usability testing, Jason D. Williams, Lawrence Piano, Lizanne Kaiser, and Andrew Shaw, Edify Corporation