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News seems to be free on the Web today, but questionable content, marketing exaggerations, and simply erroneous information make it difficult to find what you need to know in understandable and accurate content. This is particularly the case for commercial developments in as complex an area as speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, natural language processing, virtual assistants, and related subjects. As these technologies move rapidly into the mainstream, becoming a new user interface paradigm that reduces "digital overload," knowing how you and your company can take advantage of the trend rather than being overwhelmed by it becomes increasingly important.

Speech Strategy News presents extensive coverage of these areas each month objectively in a no-ads format. It is written by Dr. William Meisel, who has both technical and business experience in developing and deploying speech technology and its applications. The newsletter presents the news filtered and explained by an expert, rather than requiring you to pore over confusing or misleading reports from vendors or non-specialists interpreting the news. Editor's Notes presents Bill's insights into major trends, helping you keep up with developments that can impact you and your company.

For example, the 38 major articles and 71 "News Briefs" in the April 2015 issue mention 149 companies. The amount of time an individual would require to find, filter, and interpret this breaking news, much less address ambiguities or missing information, is obviously not feasible for most individuals. In an era where most news is "free" on the Web-if you don't value your time-the long-time loyalty of Speech Strategy News subscribers suggests the value of expert filtering of that over-whelming source.

An informative Table of Contents in each issue lets you find just the news you need quickly. SSN covers market segments that include:

  • Call center applications, including automating customer service and extracting business and quality information from recorded calls
  • Mobile phone applications and services
  • Voice-enabled mobile apps
  • Enterprise virtual assistants, specialized company-specific and application-specific personal assistants
  • General personal assistants, such as Apple's Siri, Google's Google Now, and Microsoft's Cortana
  • Telephone productivity applications in enterprises, including unified communications, automated attendants, password reset, and workforce automation
  • Service provider applications, including unified communications, information and entertainment services, automated directory assistance, and voice search
  • Voice Search
  • Automotive and telematics applications
  • Hands-free operation of wireless phones and other devices
  • Automated translation
  • Dictation on PCs, including vertical markets such as healthcare
  • Industrial applications, including warehouse operations
  • Control of home entertainment systems
  • Voice control of the Internet of Things
  • Accessibility applications
  • Specialized systems such as handheld translators and Air Traffic Control training systems

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