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Speech Strategy News, published since 1993, is the industry's newsletter on the use of speech technology, including speech recognition, text-to-speech, speaker authentication, audio search, voice search, and related technologies in practical applications and services. Readers rave over the insights in the newsletter and the time it saves them in keeping up with developments.

SSN covers market segments that include:
  • Call center applications, including automating customer service and extracting business and quality information from recorded calls
  • Mobile phone applications and services
  • Telephone productivity applications in enterprises, including unified communications, automated attendants, password reset, and workforce automation
  • Service provider applications, including unified communications, information and entertainment services, automated directory assistance, and voice search
  • Voice Search
  • Automotive and telematics applications
  • Hands-free operation of wireless phones and other devices
  • Dictation on PCs, including vertical markets such as healthcare
  • Industrial applications, including warehouse operations
  • Control of home entertainment systems
    Accessibility applications
  • Specialized systems such as handheld translators and Air Traffic Control training systems
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Speech Strategy News