TMA Associates
Consulting Services
Consulting by Bill Meisel

Bill's qualifications

TMA Associates provides tailored analyses for vendors of speech technology and telephony products, and companies that are concerned about how to best take advantage of the "new telephony". TMA Associates offers consulting at hourly rates or fixed bids for well-defined projects.

Types of projects on which Bill has consulted include the following:
Introducing and upgrading speech-recognition-based applications in call centers at a strategic level

  • Corporate telephone strategies - making the most of every customer call and transforming a contact center into a "voice site"
  • Location and evaluation of speech recognition technology and telephone platform sources
  • Market feasibility studies for speech recognition products
  • Expert Witness services in patent cases
  • Speech patent analysis and aid in creation
  • Choosing product features and designing interfaces for speech recognition products
  • Evaluations of market strategies for companies with products or services using speech recognition
  • Assessments of R&D alternatives to help resolve priorities
  • Market size estimates
  • Evaluations of current, proposed, and needed features for products incorporating speech recognition
  • Positioning to encourage investment
  • Location of prospects and partners for particular speech recognition products and technologies
  • Evaluating company or asset values in advanced speech technologies
  • Aid in money-raising