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The impact of speech recognition and natural language technology
on business and communications

Just published! August 2018

Dr. Meisel has created the ultimate reference guide for finding the best match of resources to your needs and to your desired level of involvement in development. The report covers 189 companies that can develop a complete digital assistant for you, some for specific channels or vertical markets and some addressing multiple channels. In addition, the report covers another 154 companies that can provide a part of the solution (e.g., a custom text-to-speech voice for your branded digital assistant). At almost 500 pages, the in-depth insights in the report not only save you time, but help avoid mistakes.

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Bill Meisel's TMA Associates

William Meisel, PhD, is a well-known analyst of commercial and technical developments in conversational technology, talking to computers in natural language by text or voice

- Consulting in commercial applications of advanced speech and natural language technology

- Monthly industry newsletter: LUI News (commercial developments in the Language User Interface)- No ads, covering business activities using technologies such as speech recognition and natural language understanding

- Mystery novel: Technically Dead (2015)

Sample issue of LUI News

Commercial applications of the Language User Interface

(Speech recognition and Natural Language Processing)